Pregnancy session outside vs pregnancy session in the studio

Which type of mommy are you?
Preferring an outside or inside shoot when outside is -2ºC, snowing and freezing?

Outside we can throw beautiful handmade dresses around and it is really magical in the snow. But... it is freezing! :)All the mommies who want to do it anyway are very aware of that cold, but they still want it. Advice is put something very warm on your legs and feet. Preferably multiple layers :) I always have a blanket and tea with me.
The procedure is the then following: I pose the mommy, explain everything, fix the dress and ask somebody -who is helping- to take the blanket away from the mommy in the last moment, I photograph and then the blanket is wrapped over the mommy back again as soon as possible. That is usually the partner or a friend. Friends are always very welkom for these kind of sessions, as we can always use some extra help :)

On the other hand, it's also very pleasant to be inside when it's freezing and snowing outside. We also always welcome future mommies in our studio. For indoor sessions we use dresses, bodies or fabrics on the mommies or we can also do subtile nudity photos.

Playing with lights is the most beautiful way to bring accentuate the beautiful curves of the future mamas. In this case friends or the partner are also very welcome.
Outside or inside: The choice is yours! :)

In both cases, beautiful Fine-art photos and everlasting memories are created <3 <3

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